Leading Edge Computers Bairnsdale

Leading Edge Computers Bairnsdale



December 2018 - The Moorings Metung

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to recommend Leading Edge Computers Bairnsdale, the services of whom we have been utilising for over ten years.

The fast moving IT world provides as many challenges for small business as it offers solutions and we are but one small business that cannot fund the luxury of an in-house IT resource. Our solution has been to utilise and rely upon the broad IT knowledge and service offering provided by Leading Edge.

A 7 day a week business such as The Moorings looks for a supplier that takes time to understand our specific needs and adapt solutions that maintain our ability to serve our guests. Leading Edge have responded to every issue we have presented to them. In short they have never let us down.

I am happy to be contacted by any business considering the services of Leading Edge Bairnsdale.


Yours faithfully,

Jim Delany - Director



September 2018 - iCARE Consulting Health Services Australia

As a local business owner and professional operating within Outer Gippsland and throughout Eastern Victoria Region I have recently received exceptional services from The Bairnsdale Leading Edge team, both in Technical and Sales Departments.

My face to face and over the phone correspondence in relation to both sales and technical computer software installation has been second to none. The staff are professional, courteous and highly qualified with exceptional customer service and business interrelationship skills.

Every inquiry I had made was answered and followed through to fruition and the home service provided to install a new computer software and hard drive setup was seamlessly delivered by the qualified Technician. I could not recommend Leading Edge Computers Bairnsdale more highly as outstanding Business Leaders delivering the highest quality products and services within the East Gippsland Region.

Tammy A Davis
Founding Director iCARE Consulting Health Services Australia
Interventionist | School Focused Youth Service Project Facilitator
SEVR | Outer Gippsland

August, 2017 - Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club Inc.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Mick, Tim, Greg and the team at Leading Edge (Bairnsdale) for their extremely professional and competent work with the installation of a multimedia facility at Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club.

The pre sales information and training provided by the Leading Edge team was thorough and clearly outlined the product’s features and versatility. The on-site inspection and attention to detail throughout the installation process, ensured the installation went smoothly and the facility was able to be used immediately.

The Leading Edge Team delivered a facility that has proven itself to be flexible, user friendly and importantly, enduring. We have been operating the facility now for three years and over that time the usage has ranged from online conferencing, photographic displays, DVD playback and showing free-to-air TV broadcasts, as well as a range of education and training programs using video, whiteboard, web based programs and a variety of Microsoft Office programs. The multimedia functionality is straightforward to use, and has been readily adopted by both members and guests to the Club, of all ages and backgrounds. We are very happy with our facility as it has lived up to our expectations and indeed has often exceeded them.  

So, once again I wish to acknowledge the Leading Edge Team and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering a high tech solution to their business, club or personal needs.

Yours truly,
David Parish
On behalf of the Committee of Management,
Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club Inc.