Leading Edge Computers Bairnsdale

Leading Edge Computers Bairnsdale


The needs of business are quite different to those in a domestic situation.  Behind the retail façade of the Leading Edge Computers shop front, is a dedicated business unit wholly dedicated to supporting the needs of local business.

Our clients range in size from a small micro-business, through to medium and large entities who employ from one to maybe hundreds of staff.  They are as diverse as a mechanical workshop, medical practice and accounting firm.

Our stated aim is to work with you to deliver reliable, cost effective solutions.   We completely understand that a business without a functioning IT system is a business that is stalled.

At the outset, we make it our business to understand your business.  That way we can provide you with a robust IT system which works for you.  Every business is unique so we tailor a solution specifically to exceed your needs.  We are mindful of your budgets.

Inevitably, there will be times when systems fail.  Murphy’s Law also plays a role and it always seems that problems crop up at the least convenient times.

Under these circumstances, you can absolutely depend on Leading Edge Computers to offer timely and effective support…. IT solutions when you most need them.

Thanks to our ability to remotely log in to your business system (with your consent), a problem can often be diagnosed and then rectified even without the need for a site visit.

At Leading Edge Computers, it is our Simple Solutions which set us apart.    For your business, we have solutions for IT hardware, software, networking, NBN, emails and lots, lost more.