Leading Edge Computers Bairnsdale

Leading Edge Computers Bairnsdale


Leading Edge Bairnsdale & Sale

Owner Mike Bradley is an active and committed member of the Leading Edge Computer group, with both the Bairnsdale and Sale stores fully fledged members.

Leading Edge Computers has been trading for more than 20 years now and with more than 130 stores nationally, they are one of the largest specialised independent IT re-sellers in Australia.

Each store (like LEC Bairnsdale and LEC Sale) is independently owned assuring you of the highest levels of customer service and technical excellence because “the person who owns the store runs the store”.  Each owner is dedicated to satisfying your needs.

Leading Edge Group

Est. 1986. We are a multi-national organisation operating in two major sectors; buying group management and sales channel management across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. 

We work with independent retailers across 8 different industries and support over 950 retail store owners.

We have a strong presence in the telecommunications and ICT market, partnering with the market leading Telco providers in Australia, New Zealand, England and Wales to sell and service customers in this highly specialised field. 

We support our retailers and help our suppliers improve their profitability, target their end customers, and leverage earnings across each other and their industry. 

Leading Edge Group is about providing real value for our retail and business networks, our people - our clients - our suppliers. We employ over 425 people in four different countries and have a very clear vision and simple mission for the future.